Manicure: the best photos and ideas for nail design (more than 10000 photos)

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We have collected over 10,000 photos on our website manicure conveniently sorted by nail length, occasion, season and many other criteria.

A competent master will be able to pick up this type of manicure, which is perfect for your hands, whether it is a delicate classic, an unusual pattern or шикарный design. When choosing a master, a very important indicator is his desire to improve his qualifications (participation in all kinds of festivals and master classes). In the arsenal of such a pro, there will always be tons of tools to complete image:

  • qualitative caring and decorative cosmetics;

  • modern tools and apparatus;

  • ability to feel the client;

  • great experience;

  • knowledge of the latest trends in the field of manicure;

  • impeccable sense of style.

A separate page of professional excellence is manicure design... It doesn't matter how long or shaped your nails are. There are tons of ideas for giving them a fresh and attractive look. Among the species nail design you can find anything you want: everyday, wedding, stencil, artistic, gradient, stemping, design with stickers and others. You just have to choose any of them and enjoy the result.

Besides nail design, the skin of the hands should also attract attention. Velvet, soft, tender - isn't this the embodiment of femininity? Can a manicure do without scrubbing, massaging and moisturizing? Not. When care complex care is required for the hands.

Hand care rules

There are a few simple rules to follow for your pens will always be soft, and a flawless manicure will only have to emphasize their beauty:

  • blot your hands thoroughly after washing;

  • use soap with an optimal acidity level - 5,5;

  • apply a moisturizer to your hands twice a day, once a week do a nourishing mask and a bath;

  • When doing homework, be sure to wear rubber gloves.

Remember that the main trend in fashion is grooming, and without a manicure it is impossible to achieve it. Pamper your hands and be always stylish and flawless!

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