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French manicure

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French on nails is a simple and versatile design that many girls love. Despite its simplicity, it has a huge number of different subtleties of execution, tricks and life hacks, which we will analyze in this article. In addition, you have collected everything for you novelty French manicure for 2018 year - below you will find more than 50 photos of the jacket.

French style nail design

What is the secret of French manicure design? It is known that 80% of girls like French who like to take care of their nails. Who created it, and why, in a matter of years, did he manage to conquer a huge number of women's hearts all over the world?

manicure french

History of creation

But French manicure was not invented in the capital of croissants and savory cheeses. This simple design was invented by Jeff Pink about 40 years ago. Pink is the founder of the well-known nail polish brand Orly. The manicure revolution came one day on the set. One well-known director complained to his friend Jeff Pink that, due to the sheer number of scenes, the actresses have to repaint their nails several times a day. And these procedures significantly slow down the process of making a movie.

And then the famous creator of varnishes came up with a coating that successfully harmonizes with any outfit, and in the frame, such nails look just great. The design was originally named Natural Look. A white smile appeared on the substrate in a natural shade, which emphasized the gracefulness of women's fingers. Later, Pink released a whole collection of varnishes for his revolutionary "brainchild".

Every year the jacket has become more and more popular, and already in 2018 it is a real classic. But in the distant 80s, the idea of ​​a universal manicure was picked up by world-famous fashion designers and used the design at their shows in one of the capitals of world fashion. Only after that the coating received a new name "French manicure". After all, he was so perfect even for the most extraordinary outfits. Housewives admired the images that came to us from the movie screens and tried to repeat the same simple manicure on their nails.

Secrets of the perfect jacket

We've put together a few secrets for you to help you create the perfect finish:

  • French manicure is performed with gel varnish or the most common varnish;
  • universal jacket suits any shape of nails and length of fingers;
  • stylish design will be a great touch to any look;
  • if you think that your nails are not suitable for a jacket, do not be upset, because the ideal plate can be modeled using a gel;
  • when drawing a smile, it is recommended to twist your finger a little;
  • it is necessary to correct the design with a second brush, which is dipped in a cleanser;
  • if you have already managed to dry the jacket and only then saw small errors, then you can paint over the smile one more time, and with the second brush, slightly pull a little color to the end;
  • you need to check the accuracy of the work from a different angle, turn your hand so that your eyes look directly at the nails;
  • it is best to use a top with a leveling effect as a topcoat.

How to make a delicate French manicure can be seen in the video.

Types and rules of creation

This section contains the most important and basic rules in creating a jacket. Try to follow all the tips, and then your coating will look neat and very well-groomed.


Camouflage substrate is the main shade of French manicure, which is close to the color of the natural nail plate. Let's take a look at camouflage in terms of color, density, and the different ways to apply it Ideally, each master should have at least 2 shades in his arsenal: pale pink and peach. They can be mixed with each other in different proportions in order to choose the most successful option for your client. The home user can search the store shelves for their one ideal tone.

Too dense and bright color in the design does not look very natural. But the use of such shades is quite subjective, since new trends are dictated to us by a jacket covered with gel varnish in pastel colors.

If you want to lengthen the nail bed, make sure the camouflage polish overlaps your free nail edge. The dense coating will hide the growing manicure.

The Secret of 1. With dense camouflage, a growing cuticle is noticeable. To avoid this, you need to apply gel polish on 2/3 of the nail, without painting over the space near the cuticle. With a thin or round brush, gently blend the part that has not been completely painted over. And then apply the second layer of the substrate on half of the nail and with a brush again blend the varnish to the cuticle.

The Secret of 2. If you mix a thick base with a bright camouflage and align your nail with it, you can get a very smooth line at the cuticle. This is how fashionable French manicure looks even more attractive.

Smile shape

A smile is a line that goes around the free edge. In the classic version, a white smile is harmoniously combined with a nude underlay. A neat french manicure begins with the correct shape of the nails. The deepest point of the smile should only go down the center of the nail.

smile design

The ponytails of a smile should be at the same height. You don't need to paint them high, because on natural short nails it looks too vulgar and artificial.

ponytail design

All nails should have complete asymmetry in bending. The width and curve of the smile should be the same, and the smiles should be even. If the line is crooked, then the French manicure will not look very pretty.

The width and bend of a smile in a manicure

The curve of the smile line should reflect the arched cuticle. That is, the more curved your cuticle, the more arched your smile should be. If you have a long free edge, lengthening the nail bed is recommended. In this case, the "antennae" of the smile can be brought a little deeper. But a smile with a small curve is suitable for very short nails and owners of the "square" shape.

shape "square" in the photo

Features of drawing a French manicure

It is very important to choose the right material for drawing a smile when creating a jacket. Don't be discouraged if you don't have some kind of brushes in your arsenal. You can find them in the nail department or any art store. If the nail is well strengthened under gel polish, then the likelihood of cracks in the smile painted with gel paint is minimized. But the risk of chipping materials from the ends does not go away.

Handy tools

How and how to make a French manicure? We have collected the most popular methods for you. With their help, you can finely display the smile line. Each tool has its positive and negative sides, based on these data, you can choose the most suitable option for you.

Tool Pros Cons
native brush
  • immediately covers a large area of ​​the free edge.
  • it is rather difficult to draw small elements with a wide brush;
  • it is quite difficult for beginners to get a smile out.
thin brush
  • convenient in drawing the smallest details;
  • helps to clearly draw the outline.
  • may leave fine lint in the design.
flat brush
  • draws a clear outline;
  • brush suitable for thick materials.
  • leaves less gel polish, you have to draw several layers;
  • gel polish is too thin for such a brush.
  • the smallest nozzle of the oval dots will help to draw a clear smile line;
  • suitable for home users.
  • only suitable for subtle smiles.

How to make a jacket with a round brush?

To make it easier to draw the smile of a French manicure, there should not be a lot of gel polish on the brush. You just need to feed it well. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Cover the toes with a beige backing.
  2. Draw vertical "antennae".
  3. Form a white line.
  4. Adjust the outline of the design.
  5. Small errors can be removed with a slightly damp round or flat brush.

French manicure with a native brush

If your native varnish does not have a very comfortable and wide brush, then you can get it wet in a napkin and press it a little so that it acquires a flat shape. Creation technique:

  1. After applying the underlay with white paint, use a brush to mark the desired thickness line along the entire length of the end.
  2. Bring "antennae" to the desired depth in the direction of the line from end to end.
  3. Round the corner carefully.
  4. Cover the design with a top coat.

You can see even more ways to draw a jacket in the video.

Thin brush in action

If you do not know how to do a French manicure, then detailed instructions are described below. The brush allows you to draw the smallest elements in the design, make markings and create a jewelry drawing of an arched smile. Step-by-step instructions for creating:

  1. Prepare nails for work and cover with camouflage.
  2. Put two points at the side rollers at the same distance.
  3. Place a point in the middle of the free edge.
  4. Align the dots and bring out a smile.
  5. Without drying, paint over the tip with white gel polish. If it is impossible to paint over some places with a brush from a bottle, then you can help with a thin brush.
  6. Send polymerize into the lamp.

Take your French manicure top seriously. It shouldn't turn yellow. Otherwise it will ruin the whole design.

Flat brush

French nail designs can be created using a flat brush. Its flattened surface allows you to draw the “tails” evenly and paint over the tip itself. How to create a jacket:

  1. Cover nails with camouflage varnish.
  2. Use a thin line to mark the width of the smile.
  3. Make a markup: at the very tip, mark the center of the nail and 2 points equidistant from it. These will be the "antennae".
  4. At the side ridges, mark two equal points on both sides.
  5. Connect the dots and fill the markings with white gel polish.

It is especially beautiful when the joint between the substrate and the smile is as clear as possible.

Unusual French techniques

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a brush and you don’t have artistic skills. In order to create a neat French manicure, you can use the tools at hand.


It is important to find a pattern or pattern plate that is perfect for creating a smile. In cosmetic stores, special plates are sold that are created specifically for the jacket. They feature smiles of all shapes and sizes that will fit most nail plates. It is enough just to put a little varnish on the engraved pattern. Transfer it to the stamping die and then to the edge of the nail. If you don't have the plate you need, you can also draw the stamping by hand. On the stamp, carefully draw a slightly curved line and transfer it to the nail. It is much easier to create a fashionable and beautiful French manicure this way.

Stencil stickers

Many girls will definitely have several stickers in stock to create coverage. The main secret when working with stencils: the base color must be perfectly dry. Check that the sticker should fit snugly against the nail so that the varnish does not flow under it. All that remains is to apply a white tint, remove the stencil, dry it in a lamp and cover the design with a top. A perfect line with this technique is guaranteed.


An unusual and affordable option for many people to create a jacket. Most common patches are round. This is a great replacement for stencils. You need to glue the plaster so that only the tip of the nail remains, which will then need to be painted in a white or colored tone.

apply nail polish with an eraser

Classic Options

This section presents the most versatile ideas to make a jacket at home. You just need to get all your decorative items that you kept for better times. Now the time has come when all this will go into action.


Camouflage backing and snow-white smile are the best duo of French manicure components. The base can be any nude or beige shade: pale pink, flesh, light brown and many others. A true classic of the genre, like an imperishable world masterpiece, is popular at any time of the year.

If you applied camouflage in a very thick layer, then before drawing a smile, the excess varnish on the free edge can be removed with a thin brush. And only then draw a smile and cover with a top.


An elegant design can always be decorated with graceful elements. As an addition, you can use:

It is important not to overdo it here. It is enough to decorate only 1-2 on both hands. Then the cover will look quite feminine and unobtrusive.

Remember that the elements you use in your design should completely match the texture and color of your jewelry on the body. 

Elegant monograms

Elegant lace always looks expensive. Fragile curls can adorn the entire marigold or snuggle up in a corner. Another find of nail art masters: the design of a jacket is covered with thin stems and twigs, blurring the line between a smile and the base.

Technics "veil»Is in perfect harmony with French manicure. The camouflage backing is covered in a semi-transparent white color. After that, decorative patterns appear on the nails. The coating adds a few zeros to the look and is perfect for ladies who appreciate a manicure from an aesthetic point of view.

Baby boomer

What could be better than the popular gradient and classic manicure? Only their unique tandem in soft shading. Baby Boomer manicure is a great option for those who are bored with a jacket. The two main colors of French manicure merge into something one and have smooth, shaded borders. Sheer chiffon design, a bit of shimmer and a gradient that melts towards the tip. The roll of shades looks fresh and relaxed. It is ideal for study, work and going out.

What will be required:

  • base coat;
  • camouflage gel polish;
  • white gel polish;
  • thin brush;
  • topcoat.

It is quite simple to make a gradient jacket:

  1. It is necessary to prepare the nails: degrease and apply a base.
  2. Apply a pale pink shade to 2/3 of the nail from the cuticle. Optionally, you can take a color with an unobtrusive silver shimmer.
  3. On the rest of the nail, apply a joint to a joint of a white-milky shade.
  4. With a thin brush, gently blend from white to cream. It is necessary to work out the area at the side rollers and the central part.
  5. The gradient comes out on its own. It remains only to dry the layer and cover with a topcoat.

For brides

Wedding French manicure loves a lot of jewelry that shines modestly in the sun and unwittingly betrays the hero of the occasion. Most often, girls who are married without 5 minutes like to decorate a jacket with flowers, butterflies, bows or smooth lines. Openwork monograms and inlaid with Swarovski crystals are also present there. In this option, any decoration is appropriate, as long as there is not too much of it.

Beautiful examples of photos and new French products in 2018:

examples of french in photo 1 examples of french in photo 2 French on nails with rhinestones classic french manicure french photo novelties French 2017 new photo

Modern notes

Lovers of variety will love the French style nail design ideas, which are described below.

All colors of the rainbow

New French manicure in 2018 dictate the transfusion of a huge number of shades. You can add a bright smile of red, blue, green, orange or any other color to the nude substrate. Tones can flow into a gradient and smoothly transition from one to another. Another stylish solution for the classics is a colored backing. Most often, in this version, pastel or muted shades are used, because they are in good harmony with white gel polish.

Shiny ombre

Stretching a gradient with glitter is another great idea for a french manicure with gel polish. Its essence lies in the fact that a few sparkling particles are added to the classic jacket. The following materials can be used for design:

  • glitter varnish;
  • dry glitter;
  • mirror or glitter powder;
  • shimmer varnish;
  • yuki flakes.

In this option, it is recommended to use glitter of various shapes, ranging from small to the largest curly sequins, sticks, stars, hearts or rhombuses. The essence Ombre is that the concentration of sparkles at the tip is very high. But closer to the cuticle, they should scatter, like a scattering of stars in the sky. Stretch glitter with a round or thin brush.


French Millennium lives up to its name 100%, especially in a colorful 2018. Indeed, this technique has a lot of glitter and sparkles. They cover the whole smile. The tip can be anything: gold, silver, purple, blue, red, green. The sequins should be small and stick tightly to each other. The most important thing is that when sunlight hits the coating, it shimmers luxuriously. The backing in this design remains beige or nude. Do not forget to apply the finishing top, as it will straighten the nail and smooth its surface. A great solution for parties, any celebration or New Years. A manicure is ideal for an evening short or long dress. When you really want a celebration and a holiday, then you should take a closer look at the millennium.

Lunar and reverse french

Two original ideas that have almost become classics. The elegant cover with white or colored holes looks very graceful and feminine. French on short nails will be a stylish touch in a business or street look. It is not difficult to make such a French moon manicure at home. In it, the hole reflects the edge of the nail, then in the reverse jacket it looms near the lateral ridges and repeats the outlines of the cuticle.

Necessary materials and tools:

  • base coat;
  • gel varnishes of different colors;
  • thin or round brush;
  • top.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Prepare nails for design: treat and cover with a base coat.
  2. Cover nails with colored gel polish in 2 layers and dry them in a lamp.
  3. Put a drop of another color gel polish or glitter polish on the palette.
  4. With a thin brush, carefully remove the arcuate hole near the cuticle.
  5. Cover the design with a finishing top and cure in the lamp.

Fashion trends French manicure, made with gel polish, photo selection:

french manicure photo French manicure 2017 nails french manicure french manicure gel polish French manicure 2017 photo trendy french manicure

Stylish options

These ideas and novelties of the jacket will appeal to those girls who like to go to fashion shows and try on something for themselves. Many women of fashion know that a manicure is the final touch to the image. Let our options be your inspiration.

Empty space

French manicure goes well with the negative space technique. And it is not surprising, because the initially camouflage substrate repeats the shades of a natural nail. By creating this cover, you can express yourself endlessly. Separate the borders of the hole with stencils for a jacket and do not paint over it. Various rectangular natural inserts, geometric shapes, hearts surrounded by camouflage or white cover will also be appropriate. This design loves variety and will be appropriate in any design.

Harmony of textures

Matte and glossy surfaces always successfully resonate with each other, creating a certain depth. To create a stylish black jacket, it is recommended to immediately use a glossy or matte top. Matte finish with glossy ends looks equally luxurious and vice versa. This coating has a peculiar flavor and a stylish component.


Fashionable V-shaped jacket looks great on long nails. Instead of a smile, a neat V-shaped tip looms and is painted in any color. The most successful form for such a manicure: oval and almond-shaped. The coating is done with a thin or round brush. It can be solid or multi-colored. Quite often, girls like to decorate it with glitter or peas. You can use some geometric design tricks and use several geometric stripes at once to create such an unusual smile.

The ideas and novelties of the jacket can be seen in the photo below.

french nails new photos french nails new 2017 manicure french French on nails photo 2017 French nail design French chevron

For revolutionaries

For outrageous lovers, we have selected some interesting fashionable ideas of French manicure. There is a wide field for improvisation, endless ideas and a riot of imagination. You can independently repeat any of the described designs or come up with something of your own.


Several shades can be used in this French manicure. It is allowed to paint a smile in different shades or duplicate them in different colors. There may be two, three, or even more. The main rule: you need to successfully combine the tones with each other so that the design looks harmonious. This coating is perfect for festive evenings or New Year's Eve. Feel free to experiment with shades and add various decorative elements in the form of manicure tape or foil.

Stained glass jacket

A voluminous aquarium jacket is the most difficult, but also the most beautiful technique. The design is especially loved by many girls because of its brilliance and unusual overflow. You don't need to have artistic skills. Decorative nails are filled with various particles, grains of sand, sparkles, dried flowers, mica and other elements. This coating is done with the base layer of the gel and only the smile space is filled.

What is required to create:

  • forms with markings;
  • base gel;
  • structural gel;
  • broths, rhinestones;
  • mica, foil;
  • loose sequins;
  • glitter varnish;
  • top.

How to make a jacket at home:

  1. Prepare nails for design: treat and coat with a thin layer of base gel.
  2. Lay out the clear gel as a base.
  3. Dry the layer in the lamp.
  4. Apply structure gel and sprinkle some mica over it.
  5. Cover the nails with another layer of gel and lay out the broth.
  6. Send the layer to polymerize into the lamp.
  7. Fill the next layer with gel and small pieces of foil for design.
  8. Dry all layers in the lamp.

Decorative painting

Artistic French manicure can be attributed to the world's masterpieces of painting. Various additions can flaunt on the fingers:

  • painting;
  • openwork curls;
  • interlacing of figures;
  • soft lines;
  • rhinestone track;
  • thematic drawings;
  • weave.

The basic rule of this design is the transparent tip. You can make a crystal jacket or add some unusual metal inserts, paints and stylish touches.

More volume

A small amount of 3D design looks quite elegant on the fingers. Using acrylic powder or structuring gel, you can create a voluminous figure. It can be a graceful petal, flower, butterfly, bow or something else. It is recommended to create whole compositions on the nails, which will only emphasize the good taste of their owner. The design is suitable for an office, study or a special occasion.

manicure french fashion photo nails french manicure photos French manicure 2017 fashion photos french manicure with a pattern how to do a french manicure French manicure 2017 fashion trends

The best photos of the new French in 2018

A selection of the 50 best photos of French manicure and the most relevant French nail design ideas for 2018:

French manicure pictures 1 French manicure pictures 2 French manicure pictures 3 French manicure pictures 4 French manicure pictures 5 French manicure  French manicure French manicure french 2017 new french nails new French 2017 new photo french nails new photos French baby boomer french nails new 2017 manicure french French on nails photo 2017 french dress French nail design French on nails photo 2017 new items french manicure photo French manicure 2017 nails french manicure french manicure gel polish French manicure 2017 photo matt french trendy french manicure nails french manicure photos manicure french fashion photo french manicure with a pattern how to do a french manicure French manicure for short nails fashion trends of French manicure French manicure at home french aquarium moonlight french manicure French manicure fashion trends photo French manicure 2017 fashion trends photo baby boomer French manicure ideas french manicure photo design French manicure with shellac french manicure gel polish photo nail design french manicure beautiful jacket nails design new 2017 french french design 2017 photo novelties manicure french photo french nails new photos french 2017 new

French is the simplest, but the most unusual manicure. Whatever French manicure design you choose, it will suit your look anyway. Feel free to experiment and try to repeat some design. It will surely look luxurious on your fingers!


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