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Nail design for beginners

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Women's hands can tell a lot about a girl. You must always look after them. If you do not have time to visit nail salons, it is recommended to do certain procedures at home. First you need to choose a nail design for beginners, and only then experiment with compositions. Let's take a closer look at all the simple options for creating simple coatings.

Where to start?

What is a simple nail design for beginners to choose for those who are just starting to master the skill of manicure? For the first time, you need to give preference to the simplest options, which do not need to spend a lot of time and effort. It is worth paying attention to monophonic options, when the nail is covered with one favorite color, or to contrasting ideas, where each finger has its own specific shade.

nail design for beginners

You can paint your nails with regular varnish, and in order for it to last longer, you need to cover the nail plate with a base before applying the color. After such a shade has been applied, it remains to secure the design with a finishing top.

The gel polish system will appeal to everyone who does not like chips, cracks and worn polish after 2 days. The system includes base coat, color and top. The application procedure is similar to painting nails with ordinary varnishes, only special gels are polymerized in a UV or LED lamp. Such a manicure lasts about 3-4 weeks and pleases its owner with even highlights.

If you are an adherent of the classic style, then you can do French manicure with a beige backing and a white smile line. How to make a jacket, his best ideas and many more interesting things can be found in our other article.

Monochrome manicure can always be diluted with graceful patterns. This does not always require artistic skills. Light patterns are made using improvised means that almost every home has. Now let's see what materials and tools we need to create the coating.

What to cook

Nail design for beginners should be easy. How to create designs and patterns using home appliances? The total number of tools directly depends on the ultimate goals and on the level of your skill. If you are just starting out and want to depict bizarre and uncomplicated patterns on your nails, then it is advisable to have the following tools and materials in your arsenal:

  • nail files;
  • soft buff;
  • orange stick or toothpicks;
  • thin brush;
  • dots with different attachments;
  • Scotch;
  • set for stamping.

Naturally, not all of them should be available. But using them will greatly expand your capabilities.

Secrets of specialists

For you, we have collected the best tips to help you create the perfect nail design for beginners:

  • Before creating a design, file your nails well so that they look neat;
  • in order for gel varnishes to better "adhere" to the nail plate, before applying them, it is necessary to degrease the nails and apply a primer;
  • do not forget to treat the cuticle area before and after the manicure;
  • for rhinestones or sequins to be better attached, you need to lightly rub the plate with a soft buff;
  • do not overdo it with layers of colored varnish, just apply 1-2 layers;
  • use the base and top to make your manicure last longer.

easy nail design with ribbons for beginners

Variety of options

Nail design with gel polish for beginners does not always have to be monochromatic. We have tried to collect the best materials and decorations for manicure, which will help you create an original coating in a matter of minutes.

Special varnishes

It is worth paying attention to varnishes that have specific properties:

  1. If you like brilliant manicure, then take a look at varnishes with fine shimmer and dense glitter.
  2. With the help of a special varnish and a magnet, it is easy to make a nail design cat's eye.
  3. Imitation reptiles on nails will help to create a varnish with a craquelure effect.
  4. Manicure with confetti can be brought to life with a varnish that contains a huge amount of small sequins of different shapes and lengths.
  5. Varnishes of bright and saturated colors will help to create neon manicurethat glows in the dark.


What decorations are suitable for just nail design? Let's see:

Decoration Mode of application
rhinestones and broths Rhinestones of all colors and sizes - these are the most popular accents that adorn the nails of every third girl. With the help of them, you can select the space near the cuticle, create small compositions on the finger or whole figures. But small broths will perfectly fill the space between the huge figures on the nail plate and make the composition whole.
babe Pixie Small chips resemble a scattering of precious stones. It is recommended to decorate with it 1-2 fingers on each hand, all particles should fit snugly together. This is the only way to achieve an unusual sparkling effect.
crystals and stones from Swarowski Semiprecious stones from Swarovski luxuriously suitable for a formal manicure.
manicure tape Manicure tape in different shades helps to complement any design with ribbons for beginners. Ribbons can be used to divide the nail plate into several parts or create unusual shapes.
rub in Rubbing Is a special pigment that creates an unusual mirror effect on nails. Everything is quite simple here: you just need to rub fine sparkling dust into the nail plate with your finger or an eyeshadow applicator.


What tools can you use to create a manicure for beginners? A simple needle or toothpick will do! For such a coating, it is best to select contrasting shades of varnishes that are combined with each other. This will make the nail design look more harmonious, and the patterns on the nails will not merge. How to make a similar manicure with a needle can be read in our great article.

Drawings with tape

As a universal tool, you can take scotch tape, which is used quite often in the household. Skillful needlewomen have learned to use adhesive tape in creating designs for their nails. French manicure is done with it, geometric nail design, christmas cover and any other abstraction that comes to mind.

Stamping and sliders

Two of the easiest ways to create your dream nail designs. In a set for stamping includes special plates that are covered with colored varnish. After the excess varnish is removed from the kit with a scraper, the drawing must be transferred to a die with a soft silicone coating. Further, it remains only to print the drawing on the nail plate. If desired, the pattern can be painted with colored varnishes.

Rђ RІRѕS, sliders - these are stickers with ready-made prints. You only need to select the desired image, and then glue the slider on the nail. Some of them have an adhesive base and are simply attached to the nails, and some must be soaked in water before use. The stickers are smoothed onto the nails with a bamboo stick, and then everything is secured with a finishing top.

The simplest ideas

What should be a nail design for beginners? Someone wants to see a simple and uncomplicated pattern on their nails, someone prefers more rigorous ideas, and some want to fill it with bright shades. Let's take a closer look at the lightest options that even a right-handed person on the right hand can implement.

The most rosy

A simple coating should be done with conventional varnishes. The more there are, the better. It all depends on your imagination and your mood. What needs to be prepared:

  • colored varnishes;
  • a glass with water;
  • toothpicks;
  • topcoat.

How to design for beginners:

  1. Put one drop of the first varnish into a glass of water.
  2. After it "disperses" a little on the surface, drop a drop of the second varnish.
  3. Repeat the procedure until many multi-colored circles (from 10 to 20 pieces) are formed on the surface.
  4. Until the varnishes are completely dry with a toothpick, move in circles to form an unusual pattern.
  5. Dip one finger under the varnish and wait 10-20 seconds.
  6. Take out the nail and remove the excess film with a toothpick.
  7. Cover the nail plate with a finishing fixer.

If you will only use two shades of varnish (black and white, pink and black, turquoise and black), then on the nails you can create an original marble manicure.

Video instruction

How to make a nail design for beginners with gel polish can be seen in the video below.

Rolling flowers

Nails that are painted using the technique gradient - this is also an easy option for beginners. A soft roll of two or three shades looks good on both short and long nails. You can create a smooth roll of tones with a clean kitchen sponge or blending with a thin brush. In both versions of these, the nail design looks luxurious and fits any feminine image.

Whole galaxy

This unreal space design for beginners is created in just a couple of minutes. Galactic space, billions of stars and a marvelous overflow of shades will gracefully shine on your nails.

What will be required:

  • base;
  • black gel polish;
  • colored gel varnishes with shimmer (for the cat's eye technique);
  • thin brush;
  • magnet;
  • finishing top.

How to make a nail design for beginners step by step:

  1. Cover the nails with a base and dry the nails well.
  2. Apply 2 coats of black gel polish.
  3. After the nails have polymerized, apply a multi-colored gel polish in a chaotic manner with a thin brush. There should be red, pink and purple shades in the center, and darker on the sides.
  4. Magnet the varnishes with a magnet.
  5. Cover nails with a finishing top.
  6. Optionally, you can add white and yellow stars or draw planets.

The combination of multi-colored glitter varnishes gives an unusual cosmic effect. A similar design for beginners can be seen in the photo.

simple space design for newbies

As you can see, nail design for beginners can be anything. Initially, it is best to practice on simple patterns and surfaces, gradually increasing your skills. And in a few weeks you will be able to create unusual and original compositions on your nails.


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