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How to choose the right pedicure tools?

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Pedicure - it is not only smooth heels and neat nails, but also neat feet. Now the salon is doing 2 type of pedicure: classic and hardware. But a similar procedure can be done at home. Let's see what pedicure tools are needed for this.

What are the tools for?

Not only your hands, but also your legs should always be in perfect condition. If you do not have enough time to visit beauty salons, then it is worth taking care of footsteps and heels at home. What are needed pedicure tools?

pedicure tools

Any nail master in the salon has in his arsenal a sufficient number of tools to make his clients beautiful. All of their instruments are made of high quality medical grade steel. Because the service life of such a material is tens of years. All professional instruments are hand sharpened under a microscope.

Coarser nail files are used for the feet than for the hands. After all, toenails are much thicker than toes. Rough skin on the heels can be removed with a pumice stone or a special electric file. And if the skin is completely hard in very advanced cases, then you can use a pedicure razor or a razor.

How to choose

All pedicure tools should be not only of high quality, but also as safe as possible for life. A professional craftsman can easily distinguish a good tool from a cheap analogue. And for home users, we have collected a few tips to look out for when choosing:

  1. The tools should lie comfortably in the hand and not cause discomfort when working;
  2. Make sure that they are well sharpened, otherwise factory defects can lead to injuries;
  3. A good tool should not tear the cuticle, but carefully trim it;
  4. Blade a pedicure razor should give a wide view of the treated surface;
  5. Good blades move smoothly without clinging to the skin;
  6. All pedicure tools must be made of solid stainless steel;
  7. The average length of the cutting pliers' blades should be 5-9 mm;
  8. But the size of the forceps depends on the thickness of the nails (there is for thick and thin);
  9. The pumice stone can be easily replaced with a laser cut grater;
  10. You can purchase the entire pedicure set or purchase all instruments separately;
  11. The best pedicure tool kits are Zinger и Staleks.

Secrets of specialists

It is not enough to choose the right tools, it is also important to be able to use them correctly in your work. These life hacks from professionals will greatly simplify your work:

  • store all materials and tools in a dry place, preferably in a special case;
  • after each procedure it is necessary to sterilize each instrument with medical alcohol or acetone;
  • never place the tool with the tip down, so that deformation does not occur, and it would not lose its sharpness;
  • the sharpness must be checked after each use;
  • contact qualified specialists for sharpening;
  • if the tool has springs, then it must be stored uncompressed in order to extend its service life;
  • finger separation correctors can be replaced with cotton pads or balls.

Professional tools

Masters who have been dealing with manicure and pedicure for a long time already have a huge number of devices in their arsenal. After all, different clients come to them, and they must be ready for anything. What professional pedicure tools do they use in the salon?

Pliers, scissors and nippers

Sharp tools are used to trim the length of the nails and to trim the cuticle around the nail. Tweezers save nails from delamination by making the correct cut. It is important to make sure that the scissors and nippers are well sharpened. And when working with them, you need to be as careful as possible. The nippers have a pointed end and are suitable for cutting off cuticles or ingrown nails. They are able to cope with even the thickest and most deformed nail plate.

You can also use a curette for problem nails.

scissors and nail clippers


Don't skimp on nail files. If you have the opportunity, you can purchase a complete set, which includes:

  • coarse-grained file with abrasiveness of 100 grit for rough areas of the foot;
  • delicate file of 240 grit for sawing the free edge;
  • soft buff with abrasiveness 320-1500 grit;
  • double-sided file with different types of spraying.

If your toenails are very delicate, then you should take a closer look at a paper or rubberized file. And for extended nails, get tools made of metal or ceramic.

How to choose the right pedicure tools?


A pusher (scraper) is a scapula that is used in both manicure and pedicure. It can be presented in different sizes and shapes and has two sides. With the help of one side, the cuticle near the nails is easily moved away, and with the help of the other, it is removed. This procedure accelerates the growth of the nail plate.

pusher for pedicure

Removal of hardened skin

What pedicure tools are needed to remove old and rough skin on nails? Graters, pumice stones, brushes, a scraper, and an electric shaver will work. The porous and rough texture of the pumice stone helps to easily remove excess skin on the legs. But before these, it is necessary to steam the heels and feet well in hot water.

An electric razor does an excellent job with keratinized skin. Its attachments allow you to delicately and painlessly remove skin even in the most neglected cases.

How to choose the right pedicure tools? How to choose the right pedicure tools?

How to choose the right pedicure tools?



A manicure cutter with a large number of different attachments has a wide range of its capabilities. The tool works on electricity, perfectly corrects the nail shape, removes dead skin on the fingers, removes cuticles, grinds and polishes the nail. With a router, you can forget about a large number of nail files and softeners. This unique tool will easily replace all of the above devices.

How to choose the right pedicure tools?


This is a special pedicure stand that allows you to place the legs of clients for their convenience and comfortable work of the master. You can lean on a tripod with your feet. It will speed up several times the time of the entire procedure, because with this position of the legs it is easy to get to the most inaccessible areas.

How to choose the right pedicure tools?

Pedicure bath

A hydromassage bath for a pedicure not only cares for nails, but also relaxes well, bringing indescribable pleasure. In the bath, the skin is usually steamed for clients to make it easier to handle the legs, as well as remove keratinized tissues. It is recommended to add fragrant herbs, a few drops of fragrant oils and other useful components to a special device. After just a few minutes, your legs will be smooth, supple and fragrant.

How to choose the right pedicure tools?

Home tools

Now let's look at what pedicure tools you need to use at home to make your procedure easier? In order for your heels to be smooth and your fingers well-groomed, we have tried and collected a whole list of necessary tools.

Scissors and tongs

The scissors should always be handled carefully and remember to sterilize them before and after work. The tool works great with any nails, shortening and trimming them. Scissors can be replaced with wire cutters.

Tongs are used to trim the free edge of the nails. If you have the opportunity, it is better to purchase both small and большие tweezers. When working with them, you need to be extremely careful and hold them with your fingers under the lower arm. Remember that your thumb, which is on the back, provides stability during the procedure.

How to choose the right pedicure tools?

Nippers, pusher and double-sided curette

The pliers have a triangular end with beveled edges. The cutting edge of the nippers has a small radius, but their inner side is quite smooth and well polished. This design allows you to remove cuticles and burrs in just a few seconds, since the tool fits snugly against the skin and cuts off the entire skin efficiently. The wire cutters should be kept at an angle. Do not make too sudden movements so that the skin does not break. It is recommended to purchase two types of tools at once: for nails and for burrs with cuticles.

A pusher is a great tool for pushing back and removing cuticles. It has a scapula on one side and a pointed end on the other. The device is absolutely safe for nails. The double-sided curette has a thin surface and resembles a hook. It does not scratch the skin and nail plate, but it can even get into the most inaccessible places. An excellent tool for working with an ingrown toenail.

How to choose the right pedicure tools?

Grater and scraper

If you need to remove rough skin at home, you should use a laser grater or pumice stone. They are the ones who fight corns, calluses and keratinized skin. The steamed legs must be sanded with hard textures.

Nowadays, manufacturers are creating a huge number of convenient nail care products. One of them is a grinding machine with replaceable cutters. Such a tool is able to trim plates, remove cuticles and polish nails.

If these methods did not help, then you should take a closer look at the scraper razor. A special machine with a nozzle scrapes dead skin off the heels. But you need to work with such a tool with extreme caution so as not to injure yourself.

Foot bath

Now in stores you can find special devices in which you can lower your feet to steam in them. If you do not want to spend money on this, then you can use a basin at home.

In the baths, calluses are usually steamed, the cuticles are softened and just give the legs a rest. There are various baths with vibration and hydromassage that fight fungus, magnetic radiation and improve blood circulation.

Video instruction

How to choose the right tools for a pedicure can be seen below in the video.

Additional Tools

With the basic tools for a pedicure, everything is clear. But it never hurts to add a little more and use additional tools and materials.

All devices are selected based on the individual characteristics of the skin and nails.

Tools Characterization
callus remover The liquid easily fights corns and even the most advanced cases.
cuticle softener If manipulations with steaming your legs do not help you completely steam the cuticle, then use a special tool to soften it.
foot scrub Optionally, you can use a scrub from a cosmetic store or make your own based on sugar, salt and coffee thick.
foot cream The emollient foot cream nourishes and moisturizes the skin after all procedures, and also relieves irritation.
finger pads Foam pads separate fingers easily and make it easier to work with nails.
disposable slippers Get disposable slippers so that after painting your nails you can put them on and calmly go about your business while the manicure dries.

These are the tools for a pedicure should be in the arsenal of a nail master and a home user. Monitor the quality of purchased devices and tools to minimize all injury risk. Take care of your feet to look great at all times.


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