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How to get a Galaxy-style manicure at home?

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Galaxy-style manicure or space manicure is gaining more and more popularity among fashionable ladies and promises to be guaranteed trend 2018 of the year. Already today, business ladies, and young girls, and stylish housewives. And the rest invisibly envy them, dreaming of their space on their nails. In fact, making a Galaxy-style manicure is quite simple and you don't need professional services of nail art masters for this.

What is a Galaxy style manicure?

For those who have not yet been able to admire the new trend of the current and next year, Galaxy style manicure can be described as a design in which the endless expanses of space, streams of meteorites and comets, planets and stars are visible. All the charm of the Universe easily and simply embodies the manicure in the style of Galaxy - a dark background and a variety of images and ideas on it.

To make a space nail design, special skills and talents are not required. Moreover, you don't even need some kind of gadgets or unique manicure accessories - just a few different tones of varnish and a few things that are in every woman's house.

What do you need for a space manicure?

Galaxy-style manicure is simple to create, but still requires some effort and talent. For example, a good space nail design is possible only with the right choice of colors. This means that among the things necessary for a talented and effective galactic manicure you will need:

  1. Dark base. It is recommended to choose as the ideal tone the black or deep darkblue... However, you can not limit yourself to these shades, but create a Galaxy-style manicure based on burgundy, dark red, gray, purple or other saturated and light color varnish.
  2. Diverse palette of auxiliary colors. Space is characterized by a cold color scheme, and this rule should be followed when choosing auxiliary shades. Must be present white varnish, as well as blue, pink, lilac, lilac, green... In total, it is recommended to take up to five additional colors.
  3. Shiny varnishes... The best solution is considered to be a transparent varnish with fine-fine sparkles. If this is not the case, then you can use a large glitter varnish or colored shiny coatings.
  4. Transparent tone. Usually it is used as a base, but in space manicure it is needed to fix multilayer ornament.
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In addition, a Galaxy-style manicure is performed using:

  • manicure sponges - can be replaced with pieces of a regular foam sponge or a sponge;
  • bases for creating a palette - plastic or other dense material inert to varnishes;
  • tweezers or nail scissors;
  • nail polish remover and cotton swabs.

How to get a Galaxy-style manicure?

Getting a great galactic manicure is very simple - it takes a little free time, creativity and all of the "ingredients" listed above. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Apply a dark base varnish, which will become the "space" for a spectacular nail design. If one layer is enough for a high-quality coating, then it is good, if not, it is worth applying the varnish twice. Once the foundation is completely dry, you can move on to creative experiments in the spirit of galactic design.
  2. Creation of directly "cosmic" spaces. To do this, you need to drip white varnish onto the palette and gently blot it with a sponge or sponge. Then apply the nail polish with a simple single touch. You can choose any place of application - symmetry and accuracy are not needed here. Then repeat the spot application with a sponge and for other varnishes, in order to end up with a bright and very multi-colored picture of points of blue, pink, purple, lilac and other colors.
  3. Apply gloss. After the "space" has dried, you will need to add stars to it. To do this, partially or completely the nail plate is covered with gloss varnish or glitter.
  4. Secure the Galaxy-style manicure with a colorless finish.


If you wish, you can add a trendy manicure slider stickers with planets or just paint the desired space objects on your nails.

It is very easy to make a Galaxy-style manicure, and any woman will be convinced of this if she tries a new technique when creating her own manicure.



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