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How to get a gorgeous manicure?

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A chic image is a difficult concept, but many women strive for it. To achieve the ideal, ladies think out to the smallest detail outfits, accessories, hairstyles, but it's worth starting with hands. Well-groomed skin and beautiful nails are the first step to looking luxurious. But how do you get a gorgeous manicure? Quite simple!

How to get a gorgeous manicure?

Gorgeous manicure: it all starts with leaving

Hands and the spectacular designs created on them will not look luxurious if you do not take care of the quality of the nails. In a chic manicure, everything should be perfect:

  • the form;
  • length;
  • cuticle.

It is worth starting to take care of yourself with hygienic manipulations. Baths with essential oils, masks with herbs, paraffin therapy work well on the skin of the hands. Suitable for care and spa manicure, in the possibilities of which not only to ensure the beauty of the hands, but also to take care of the nails.

If you don't want difficulties, but a chic manicure is the ultimate dream, you should think about modern ways of putting your nails in order. This is a manicure:

Some species, along with taking care of the nail plate and cuticle, nourish the skin of the hands with high quality, which allows you to solve several problems in one procedure. Putting your hands in order, removing the cuticles and excess skin, you can think about the next stage of creating a gorgeous manicure - the shape and length of the nails.

How to get a gorgeous manicure?

Luxury in the image is achieved by maintaining a balance between fashion and the existing features of the appearance. Therefore, you should not choose trendy long nailsif the form fails. You need to pay no less attention to the design of short and secondary nails. Moreover, from their forms the chosen nail art of chic depends on manicure.

Gorgeous manicure? It's simple!

There is a misconception that luxury must be shiny, bright, and eye-catching. This is not true. A true chic manicure is noble, sophisticated and royally beautiful. This effect can be achieved only with the use of some nail decors. Special attention should be paid to:

  1. Matte manicure... Ideal for women looking for a luxurious look. A rich palette of matte varnishes will easily allow you to choose a shade for every taste, and a simple coating will solve the issue with a chic manicure for different outfits.
  2. French... French classic manicure cannot be left aside when looking for luxurious solutions. Refined, delicate and feminine френч always great.
  3. Ombre... An excellent choice for everyday chic manicure. It is easy to create, looks exquisite and goes well with many outfits.
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How to get a gorgeous manicure?
In some cases, nail art with elements can be attributed to a chic and spectacular manicure casting, painting, lace, but only if the work is done at the highest professional level. Simple solutions, like stamping, sliders, sparkles, kamifubuki, should not be chosen by ladies seeking to create chic images.


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