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How to dry gel polish without a lamp at home? Useful tips and reviews

 0    How to dry gel polish without a lamp at home? Useful tips and reviews223  4 months ago

How to dry gel polish without a lamp at home? Useful tips and reviews

How to dry gel polish without a lamp at home? We will talk about this in detail in our article. Currently, not every girl and woman can take advantage of the possibility of applying gel polish in beauty salons. In this case, it becomes necessary to take care of your nails yourself.

Gel polish, another name for shellac, is the most famous and recognizable coating today. This varnish is dried under a special ultraviolet lamp. However, not everyone has it, and maybe it’s broken, what to do in this case? Is it possible to dry gel polish without a lamp? It can be done. How to dry gel polish without a lamp? Now let's find out.


How to dry gel polish without a lamp at home? Useful tips and reviews

But first, consider the types of varnishes. There are a large number of them. Popular types of gel polishes:

  1. It is not sensitive to light - it dries in a completely natural way, but under one condition. A fast polymerizing monomeric cyanoacrylate composition is required - this is a liquid gel. If you want to cover your nails with shellac at home, then in this case it is better to use a creamy monomer. Because it is easier to apply and lasts longer. First you need to make sure that it does not depend on light. This will give you an understanding of the appropriateness of its use.
  2. Light sensitivity - drying at home is difficult, but still possible. And if you still bought it, how long does it take for gel polish to dry without a lamp? 25-40 minutes, while the nails should be placed under direct ultraviolet rays.
  3. Water: It will dry perfectly if you soak your fingers in cold or ice water for 20 minutes after application.
  4. Brigitte Bottier: Excellent application, you can dry gel polish without a lamp.
  5. Biogel is a therapeutic varnish that accelerates the growth of nails. It also prevents delamination and thickens the nail plate. You can dry gel polish without a lamp at home. It has healing properties due to the fact that it contains natural oils and vegetable acids.

Drying the light-insensitive coating

How to dry gel polish without a lamp at home? Useful tips and reviews

How to dry gel polish without a lamp? If you bought a non-sensitive gel polish, then be sure to buy a monomer, activator or catalyst. When covering with water, cold filtered water is needed. In advance, you need to prepare oil to soften the cuticle, nippers or thin scissors, a glass nail file. For this application, there are three types of catalysts available as an ointment, gel or spray. To dry this composition, it is necessary to add a catalyst. Just one drop is enough. The most important thing is that the catalyst be applied evenly in the plane of the nail plate, otherwise the fixing of the gel polish will be uneven. The catalyst must be applied 1-2 minutes after application.

Before applying gel polish, you must first prepare the nail plate. To do this, steam your fingers, push back and cut the cuticle. Shape your nails, file, and then buff the surface of the nail with a buff. Next, start applying varnish. Easy to apply with a wide brush. Carry out the procedure in the same way as when applying ordinary varnish. Apply once, look at the result. If there are no stains or cracks, a second coat is not required.

If a non-photosensitive varnish is applied, then in this case it is necessary to take and drop a drop of monomer or activator on each nail. It is also allowed to rub creamy catalysts into the nails.

Water and ice

How to dry gel polish without a lamp at home? Useful tips and reviews

How else can you dry gel polish without a lamp? It is necessary after applying it to dip your fingers in ice water for a quarter of an hour. This is enough to completely fix the gel polish. This method of coating is recognized as the most harmless due to its peculiar composition. However, ice can be used. For a quick drying effect, add ice cubes to the water and the gel polish will dry within 10 minutes.

Photosensitive varnish. How to dry with the sun?

How to dry gel polish without a lamp at home? Useful tips and reviews

When working with a gel polish that has a photosensitive composition, you need to keep your fingers dry in the sun so that the sun warms the nail plate with rays. Over time it will be much longer.

Hair dryer and fridge

Non-photosensitive gel polish can be dried with a regular hair dryer. However, it must have high power and the ability to dry with cold air. Gel polish is applied in one thin layer. This coating method is not very effective and requires a long drying time.

Before proceeding with the application of gel polish, it must be put in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Then quickly start covering your nails. This will greatly reduce the drying time.

manicure fan

There is a fan for manicure - this professional device can be purchased in special stores and is quite inexpensive. The manicure fan has a special hole in which you need to dry your fingers. There is a device for one hand and for two hands. With this device, drying of non-photosensitive coatings is allowed.

blue lamp

To dry the photosensitive gel polish, you can use a medical blue lamp, which is sometimes used for heating. The only thing is that it will take much longer than with a special drying method. During the drying of the first applied layer, it is necessary to think about its thickness. Sometimes it may seem that the varnish is translucent. In this case, you should reapply. At the same time, it should be dried in the same way as the layer of the first gel polish. Then the coating should be allowed to dry for 20-30 minutes. Next, lubricate the cuticles with special oil and rub a little near the nail roller. Rubbing in will help the natural ingredients absorb into the skin while softening it.


Now you know how to dry gel polish without a lamp. Remember that the drying time depends on the specific varnish. Before applying the coating, carefully read the instructions and read the recommendations. After all, when using a lamp, gel polish dries faster, and without this device, it takes longer than usual.

How to dry gel polish without a lamp at home? Useful tips and reviews

When using water gel polishes, use purified drinking water. However, be sure to add ice cubes for a quick reaction. It takes about two minutes for the monomer gel polish to dry. To simplify the process, it is allowed to apply a top varnish on top, but with this action, cracks will appear and dullness will appear. It is worth buying gel polish in specialized stores and those companies that have good recommendations, do not buy them in the market or in underground passages.

Gel polishes cannot be applied indefinitely, it is necessary to give the nails a rest period. Do this at least once every 2 months. At this time, categorically do not cover while biogel or other recovery method is used.

How to dry gel polish without a lamp at home? Useful tips and reviews

It is recommended to wear gloves during operation; this is important when washing floors or dishes so that the gel polish does not crack.

Biogel dries without any activators, monomers, ice water and UV lamps. Therefore, it is easy to use at home. If you want to have a matte finish after drying, you must additionally purchase a matte top that is not sensitive to light. It is applied after some time, when the base dries, it is necessary to dry it directly.

How to do a manicure without a lamp?

Drying gel polish without a lamp is very simple. Wash your hands and nails thoroughly and apply a firming base coat first, which dries in 30 seconds. Then the nails should be covered with a thin layer of gel polish. This is done in a couple of seconds, since the brush of these gel polishes is wide, so the coating is applied evenly. It dries in just three minutes and can be re-applied for greater durability. The top layer - fixative (protective layer) dries for 3 minutes. A great manicure is ready, and it will last about 10 days.

The applied coating can be removed with nail polish remover. It is not necessary to have special foil, additional mixtures and solutions in order to properly remove gel polish from nails.


Shake the tube well before applying and drying gel polish without a lamp. This allows you to evenly distribute the gel over the entire surface of the nail.


How to dry gel polish without a lamp at home? Useful tips and reviews

How to dry gel polish without a lamp? We already know. What do women think of these methods? The girls who have tried the methods described in our article say that they really work. But still, many women advise using a lamp for drying gel polish. But in extreme cases, you can choose for yourself one of the described methods. The easiest and cheapest way, as the ladies say, is to use cold water and ice.

A small conclusion

Now you know how to dry gel polish without a lamp. As you can see, this is done very easily and requires almost no effort. Look for a coating that is insensitive to light. We analyze various drying methods. There are many ways to not use a lamp. You just need to be resourceful. You need to choose the most suitable way and create a beautiful manicure.

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