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Aligning the nail plate

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Updated 27.07.2020 There are things you can look at forever: fire, water and perfect highlights on your nails. Girls often face the problem of brittle and uneven nails, on which colored gel polish lays unevenly. Aligning the nail plate is a necessary procedure for such problems.

Aligning the nail plate what is it

Each of us has different nails in terms of their structure. Lucky for those girls who have it perfectly flat and smooth. But some young ladies have a supersensitive plate (irregularities, detachments, bumps). In addition to everything, during manicure, nails are often subjected to different treatments: sawdust, grinding, removing gel polish with an apparatus, etc., which also has a bad effect on the condition of the nails.

Alignment and strengthening is necessary in order to give the nail the correct architecture. And also get rid of varnish dripping, waves at the end, various bumps and dents. The first layer is a primer, it hides all the irregularities. The second layer is evenly distributed over the nail, smoothly disappears in the area of ​​the lateral ridges and cuticle, forming an ideal surface.

This procedure is simply necessary and has a number of advantages:

  • Alignment strengthens the nails, and the coating lasts several weeks before correction.
  • The ability to create the correct architecture of the nail. When corrected, the nail will grow in the correct direction.
  • Simplicity and affordability. In order to make the strengthening, you do not need to buy additional funds. A simple procedure takes about 10 minutes.
  • It is important to make alignment when removing the coating with the device, so that a base layer remains during cutting. A thin layer of the product will cover and protect the nail from mechanical stress.
  • Static and beautiful. The smooth surface gives beautiful and even reflections from different light sources.

Aligning the nail plate

Why do irregularities appear

Ribbed, wavy and thin nails are always a problem. With such nails, any manicure does not look very neat. More often than not, we do not think about the true reason for the deplorable state.

It is worth paying special attention to this issue, because nails are an indicator of our health. For example, if your nails are covered with a groove near the cuticle, then you should take a course of vitamins to saturate your body with useful microelements. Ribbed plates appear as a result of microtraumas, and are also the cause of fungus, psoriasis or other problems in the body.

How to level

Aligning the nail plate is not difficult. Here it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the material. Suitable for strengthening the nail:

  • base for gel-varnish;
  • biogel;
  • building gels.

It is important to remember that any product that will form the basis of a manicure must be very thick. Liquid bases or gels will not work. They will simply run off the nail, not form it.

Aligning the nail plate with the base

The base should be thick, it is advisable to choose a rubber base. The thicker it is, the easier it will be to strengthen the nail. More liquid products run faster to the side rollers. It is necessary to monitor this.

What bases are suitable:

  • Kodi
  • Komilfo;
  • Lovely base;
  • NeoNail;
  • Adore Professional.

Strengthening technique:

  1. Prepare your nails for work.
  2. It is good to scoop a drop of the desired size with a brush and apply a thin layer of base.
  3. Place the drop in the apex area (almost near the cuticle). Pull it up to the cuticle and stretch it in 3 movements. The first is in the center, the second is from the right edge, and the third is from the left edge. Don't be afraid to ruin something. The base brush is very soft, it will not be able to push a drop, so the movements can be bold.
  4. Form the architecture of the nail with the corner of the brush.
  5. Flip the nail over, seal the butt and dry well.

Tutorial Video: Base Alignment Technique

Alignment of the nail plate with biogel

The choice of most girls is biogel. It has a thick consistency and dissolves well. Many manufacturers produce special biogels for thin nails. This is a real salvation for problem nails that suffer from detachments. The brush must be chosen soft with a rounded shape and a long bristle. It should practically not touch the nail. The product should only stretch due to surface tension.

What biogels are suitable:

  • Bio Stretch Gel (BSG);
  • Atica ™;
  • creator;
  • Yoko;
  • El Corazon.

Remember that for leveling with biogel it is also necessary to apply a base.

Strengthening technique:

  • Apply a thin priming layer of base biogel with a brush to prepared degreased and slightly baked nails.
  • Rub in the base well, especially in the area of ​​the side ridges, under the cuticle and seal the butt end.
  • Dry the layer. By time, biogel dries like a regular gel polish: 30 seconds in an LED lamp and 2 minutes in a regular UV lamp.
  • The second leveling coat must be applied over a well dried primer coat. Saturate the brush with material gel and scoop a drop of a suitable size onto the tip.
  • Place in the center of the nail about a millimeter from the cuticle.
  • Push the brush forward slightly towards the cuticle.
  • When the drop lies along the cuticle, pull the material down to the tip. Without pressure, distribute biogel over the nail, not reaching the end of the free edge, so as not to touch the dispersion layer and not to violate its integrity. This will distribute the material more evenly.
  • It is necessary to work out the side zones. Stretch the material from droplet to tip closer to the rollers.
  • Turning the nail sideways, form a longitudinal line. Lightly grab the biogel layer with the corner of the brush and pull it down along the nail in long, even lines.
  • The gel thickness should be kept to a minimum near the side rollers.
  • The result is a small volume along the center line of the nail from the cuticle to the tip with the highest point somewhere between the center and the cuticle by about 1/3.
  • Flip your finger over and seal the butt.
  • Dry the layer in the lamp.

Before applying the color layer, regardless of whether you need to cover your nails with colored gel polish or gel, you must take off sticky layer. This is necessary in order for the color layer to lay down well and evenly.

C-bend of the nail

Care must be taken to ensure that the lateral bend has a nice rounded shape without excess material on the sides. This is especially true when working with liquid materials. To avoid such an error and eliminate all irregularities, you need to turn your finger over with your fingernail down.

Aligning the nail plate with manicure gel

Ideal for those whose nails begin to curl unevenly as the length of the free edge grows. With the help of the gel you can reinforce and correct the nail plate.

Which gels are suitable:

  • Cosmoprofi;
  • Kodi
  • CNI;
  • Iris.

If you are smoothing your nail with gel for building, then it is important to remember that it does not dissolve. It only needs to be cut down.

Strengthening technique:

  • Disinfect your hands and file the surface with a buff.
  • Cover feet with acid-free primer for better grip.
  • Using a flat brush, rub in a thin layer of the gel base.
  • Send the layer to dry in a lamp for a few minutes.
  • Take a drop of manicure gel with a brush and put it on the middle of the nail.
  • Push it closer to the cuticle, to the side ridges and gently smooth it out.
  • If deformations most often occur on the free edge, then it is necessary to pay attention to it and carefully smooth the gel there.
  • Dry the layer in the lamp.
  • Using a medium-hard file, carefully file off all the irregularities of the nail: the lateral ridges, near the cuticle and the free edge. And also you need to trim the butt.

Now the nails are perfectly even, and the colored coating will fit them flawlessly!

Aligning the nail plate before and after

Life hack: how to make perfect highlights

After we have learned how to align the nail plate, one more secret should be learned. A perfect highlight is not possible without a round lamp. Its appearance directly depends on the light source. With an ordinary lamp, it will be anything: square, angular or oblong. But a beautiful round flare can only be obtained from a round lamp. In its absence, it will be very problematic to form it.

In order to get it, a regular round table lamp will do. After applying the strengthening, the nails can be held under a regular lamp for 20-30 seconds, and then sent to polymerize.


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  • September 20, 2019

    A good procedure, it helped me to return my nails to a normal state after the fungus was cured (by the way, I used mizol for treatment, and it is more convenient to use it, and it is cheaper than analogues + to everything, this infection still passed, which is the most important )). And after the treatment, I went to the alignment a couple of times. So all the cracks were finally sealed and the nails took a natural shape, otherwise the fungus crumpled them robustly))