Manicure: the best photos and ideas for nail design (more than 10000 photos)

Types of manicureTypes of manicure

Modern pedicure and manicure, articles about which are redistributed on our website, includes a huge number of types of nail and hand care. Here you will find only the most interesting facts about nails and useful information that will be of interest to every modern girl.

What do you need to know?

Every woman of a certain age needs to undergo special types of manicure. Manicure, articles about which are relevant for everyone, are of different types. There are different types of manicure for women of all ages.

  • Aromatherapy manicure - edged or European manicure can be used as a base. Oil and nail cream containing essential oils need a professional, competent approach. When preparing for a trim manicure, you can add essential oils to the bath. In this case, the oil can have an effect not only on the hands, but also on the immune and respiratory system (it all depends on the type of oil taken).
  • Hot manicure - dipping brushes in heated oil gives the possibility of intensive healing of nails and skin. This type of manicure can be either an individual procedure or an element of an edged or European manicure.
  • Manicure for men - first of all, this is a European manicure, but since very often men have barbs, tweezers are used in it. It is imperative to use coarse-abrasive nail files (in some cases 100 grit, more often 180 grit) are needed to eliminate keratinized particles and a special nourishing cream.
  • Children's manicure - such a service should not be provided for a long time (no more than 15-20 minutes), although everything directly depends on the activity and age of the child. The first priority in this case is the transformation of the appearance or removal of burrs.
  • Sealing biomanicure - the cream is “hammered in” with a special file into the periungual rollers and the nail.
  • Helium sealing manicure - artificial material, in most cases, the gel is applied to the nail plate to heal and strengthen the nail, allowing, in addition, to get rid of the habit of biting nails.
  • Repair manicure - carried out when there is a need to repair a natural nail. For these purposes, silk, glue, a polishing file and a grinder are used.

Depending on the case, each of the types of manicure described above is used in practice.

Every modern girl should have beautiful, well-groomed nails. Before you cover your nails with varnish, you need to do a manicure, giving them a well-groomed, beautiful look. There are different types of manicure, the technique of which differs among themselves. So, what are the options for manicure?

Classic trim manicure

This type of manicure has been used for a long time without losing its own high positions. There are general principles for this manicure: hands are pre-soaked in warm soapy water. Further, as shown in the photo, using tweezers or scissors, cuticles are cut off near the nail.

European unedged manicure

In this case, the cuticle removal is carried out without the use of scissors or tweezers. To create the final design, the nails are filed, then a special liquid is applied to the cuticle. For its preparation, lactic or fruit acid is used. The liquid helps prevent further skin growth around the nail by gently softening it. After a certain time, using an orange tree or boxwood stick, the skin itself is removed.

Types of manicure

In the American type of manicure, which is called Beverly Hills, pastel natural colors are used to cover the nail, there are no transitions from the tips to the roots of the nails. In American real manicure on oval, long nails, juicy and bright tones of varnish are used. In this case, the color of lipstick should correspond to the varnish on the nails or differ by tone from it.

To deepen the color, an unusual base is used in Spanish manicure. They use milky white or matte varnishes instead of colorless ones. And already bright coatings are applied to them.

Familiar to everyone, classic French manicure is designed to give its owner gorgeous, well-groomed and clean nails. French manicure is distinguished by the presence of beige, cream or pale pink colors that are understandable for everyone on the entire nail and the tips of the nails coated with white varnish. The end result of this manicure is bright, healthy and perfect nails for any occasion.

Trust the manicure only to an experienced master, such a precaution will help to avoid infection when carrying out a trim manicure. Your nails will always look beautiful and healthy.

Girls often think about how to do a manicure at home. In fact, doing a simple step-by-step manicure correctly for yourself is very simple. The video that we invite you to watch will tell you how easy it is to create a beautiful manicure at home, a photo of which we also bring to your attention.

Fundamental rules

Do-it-yourself manicure at home for beginners is easy to do if you follow a number of simple rules. Before you make a beautiful manicure at home, the photo of which is presented in this article, you need to remove the old varnish coating.

With the help of nail scissors it is necessary to shorten the length of the nails to the required length. If the length of the nails suits you, you can do without cutting. Then, using a file, give your nails the desired shape, moving from the edge of the nail to its middle. The file should be held lightly, effortlessly. Very carefully, with smooth movements, so as not to spoil the shape of the nail, process its sides.

When doing a manicure with your own hands, it is easy to choose a suitable shape, however, we do not recommend choosing a sharp shape, as it has a repulsive appearance. It is best to choose nails of an oval neat shape. After shaping your nails, soak your hands in warm soapy water for a while. After the procedure, it is not necessary to rinse your hands; you can lubricate the base of the nail plate with a cream to soften the skin and cuticles.

Before doing a manicure at home, it is recommended to prepare and disinfect the cuticle scissors or tweezers. Polishing is an important step not only if a special gel is applied after the procedure. Polishing lifts the natural nail cells while creating a dry and smooth surface. To polish your nails, you need a medium-sized file.

After completing the procedure, rinse your hands again and dry them with a tissue. After finishing the treatment of nails, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer to your hands and carry out a light massage. Stroke your hands and fingers towards your forearm, as if trying to pull on a tight glove. The main manicure is completed, now you can proceed to applying varnish to the nails. Remember, a base or clear coat is used before applying the varnish.